Setting Up the Filter on Filterblade in Path of Exile

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I've been playing SSF since they added them to the game and probably have over 1k hrs in ssf btw. So my opinions and advice is biased towards being in ssf. If you need poe orbs cheap in game, you can choose sale cheap poe currency.



You suggest you can hide the "trash" uniques and the "tier 4" divs. I highly recommend never doing this at the beginning of the league or just ever since new stuff gets released mid leagues all the time. So many new divs and uniques are released unaccounted and if they are gg and you hide those 2 things you wont be able to see them drop since they were not added to an appropriate category yet. Also for SSF i would recommend not disabling any uniques and divs I would only move the really really bad divs to the bottom tier and disable that.


You also say "in ssf if im bow I will hide all the other things i wont craft" I guess this is fine if you make a filter for every separate build that you make and make the filter specific for that build. Altho again, for ssf, i highly recommend not doing that. There are plenty of times I play a build and something useful for a future build drops and I dont want to miss out on something like that. For SSF you say later on to remove the bad base jewelry, I highly disagree for amulets at least. So many times Ive gotten gg amulets with bad bases and if I want I can just vaal them.


For the most part your guide is pretty good for talking in general about creating a filter. Anyone who is still too lazy or w/e to spend time to do this. if you're going to play this game long time and want to increase effeciency, spend the time to edit the filter to your liking. Even if you spend a few hours on it, in the long run, it will save you time by allowing you to go through maps more smoothly without looking at items that you wont use.

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