Path Of Exile Cosmetic Shop Improvements

Path Of Exile Date: Apr/19/18 14:43:39 Views: 61
In Path of Exile, GGG announced that they're making some cosmetic improvements to the in-game microtransaction shop's layout and appearance. While these initial changes have limited functional impact, they will create a framework that allows them to make other improvements more easily. 
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1. The first initial improvement is that the appearance and layout of the shop is changing. It will be much larger, clearer and appear in the centre of your screen for easier navigation.
2. There's also a filter function that will allow you to find microtransactions within their categories by name or key words like "helmet", "wings" and so on. 
And GGG said that they have more plans for future improvements. They said that one of their most impactful plans is a tagging system that allows you to refine your searches by theme and use tags to cross reference themes or microtransaction type. Additionally, Sale Cheap POE Currency, POE Orbs, POE Items.
This was posted like 1-2 days after that other reddit post asking for this got front page. Not sure whether coincidence or they are extremely fast. But I'm glad they are doing this. I spent 10 mins looking for a specific shield I saw some random guy have the other day. 
I had to go and look up individual MTX release dates on the wiki and compare to the shield I wanted and try to get in the same area. All they really needed to do was sort alphabetically. But a search function is also very good.
There ARE previews. What you - and others - want is a preview on your own character with different configurations of gear - that's something entirely different.
It would be great but what I'm saying is that what's been given now is already a significant improvement to the shop. Obviously they could do more, they always can, but diminishing what's been done now is nothing but counter productive.
GGG also said that there are certainly other improvements that can be made. In addition to their plans, they have read some great community feedback about how the shop can be improved and will be integrating as much of it as they can into this new system. Ok, let's wait and see.
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