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As already announced, here is a little PoE beginner guide by community member Dennis. 



1. Find a build on The best with video guide to at least see if the build you because visually pleases. You can check off this tip in bold.


2. The rule of thumb is that for a life based build (there are also energy based builds, but keep it open for later), you'll need roughly 300 lifecycle gains per act. Say you have 1200 Hp at the end of Normal Act 4, Cruel Act 4 2400 HP and Merciless Act 4 3600 HP.


3. Resistances are your friends. Always try to cap your Resis at +75. Of course a lot of Dmg is nice, but the more often you are in the dirt, the more often you lose 10% Exp of the current level (applies from Cruel). It is worthwhile at the latest starting from Merciless to work again and again on its defensive Gem setup. In your guide you will find something like that. Usually it's the Decoy Totem or a Cast on Dmg Taken setup. Of course, then the Skill Gems should not be exceeded here! Otherwise, they will not trigger enough often enough as the Dmg Treshold gets too high.


4. Always try to roll your flasks! With Orbs of Transmutation, you can upgrade your flasks to Magical and then change their bonuses with Orbs on Alteration / Augmentation. Always try to have a Flask with Bleed Removal during the level process! (Corrupted Blood (those red orbs around your body) are stacking and killing you with dmg / sex) Also useful are Flasks with Removes Freeze and Chill, Removes Shock and Removes Curse. Later, you want to customize your flasks to suit your weaknesses.


5. Currency items are very difficult to estimate when you are new. Just remember that as a global currency the Chaos Orb is used and the ingame € 500 is the PoE Exalted Orb. You should not use these two objects "in the actual sense", but only to buy / sell items.


Other very useful Currency items you should use during the game and not waste in the low level phase: Alchemy Orb, Vaal Orb, Chromatic Orb, Regal Orb, Divine Orb, Cartographer's Chisel, Jeweler's Orb and Orb of Fusing. Of course you can use them, but you should know when should be done on Items "to gamblen."


6. Only reach the maze at the end of Act 4 (if not in the middle of the next difficulty level). The labyrinth is not that easy, but the curly ascendancy points (very strong skill points) are worth it.


7. If you ever want to "farm" a zone (especially popular is Dried Lake in Act 4), you just have to use Str + Left Kilck on the entry zones to create a new instance.


8. Because you asked for a Whsiper shortcut > Ctrl + Enter


9. Use the PoE Wiki more often. Yesterday you asked yourself from time to time when you could get which skill gem from the guide then, often they are tied to quests to be available for sale on Npcs, but sometimes they are just available for certain classes.


10. Install a loot filter! You can find many on Lootfilter, as the name implies, not only emphasizes good and important loot (you understand what is needed and used), no, they waste annoying junk from your field of vision. A true blessing.


11. Level your masters! These random dudes appear everywhere and ask for little things. Once one of you has reached level 3 you can create your own hideout and invite the masters. These then provide crafting benches! An incredibly important feature! With these benches you can Resist Armor Armor or weapon damage.


12. Then let's just talk about loot and what you should pay attention to:


Helmet: Life + Resis

Body Armor: Life + Resis

Boots: Life + Resis + Movement Speed

Gloves: Life + Resis + Attack DMG / Attack Speed / Life Leech

Rings / Amulets: Life + Resis + Offensive Stats (Critical Strike Chance, Critical Strike Multiplier, Attack Dmg, etc.) + Life / Mana Leech

Belt: Life + Resis + Offensive Stats (Phys / Magical DMG)


Make sure that you pay attention to the HP rule in section 2 and the Resi rule in section 3 when making your purchases! Of course, there are some level unique items that could help you, but first pay attention to the general item rules! Many unique items override these rules in their respective slots, as they do not bring the required stats at all.


Can you expand these tips with your own contributions? Then in the Comments! The gamers can buy PoE orbs cheap from the online gaming house to arrange the necessary things to personalize the players and teams.

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