NBA 2K23 Playmaking Badges List

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NBA 2K23 is here, and with it, a ton of new Playmaking badges for players to help boost your offensive efficiency. In this article, we'll review the Playmaking badges list in NBA 2K23 and list some of the best.

Playmaking Badges in NBA 2K23


Badge Description
Ankle Breaker Increases a player's chances of dropping or freezing a player while performing dribble moves.
Bail Out Increases the success rate of passes from mid-air.
Break Starter Increases a player's ability to make successful outlet passes after securing a rebound.
Clamp Breaker Helps ball handlers withstand body bump confrontations and win more one-on-ones.
Dimer Increases the shot percentage of open teammates after they catch a pass.
Floor General When a player with this badge is in the game, their teammates will receive an offensive stat bonus.
Handles for Days Reduces the amount of energy players use while doing dribbling moves.
Hyperdrive Allows players to perform faster moving dribbles while attacking down the court.
Killer Combos Increases the level of the dribbler's effectiveness while sizing up dribble moves.
Mismatch Expert Increases small guards' chances of breaking down taller defenders during one-on-one mismatches.
Needle Threader Increases a player's passing ability while passing the ball through tight gaps.
Post Playmaker The ball receiver will receive a shot boost when receiving the ball after an out of the post pass or a pass after a rebound.
Quick Chain Perform moves while sizing up an opponent.
Quick First Step Increases ball handlers' ability to launch after driving out of triple threats or a size-up.
Space Creator Increases a player's ability to create space from defenders.
Special Delivery Increases a receiver's shot chance after receiving a flashy pass and alley-oop success rate.
Triple Threat Juke Increases the speed of triple threat moves while trying to pass a defender.
Unpluckable Decreases a player's chances of getting stripped by a defender.
Vice Grip Increases the ball security after a player secures a rebound, catches, or picks the ball up.


Best NBA 2K23 Playmaking Badges

Best NBA 2K23 Playmaking Badges


Here are the best Playmaking badges in NBA 2K23:

#1 Post Playmaker

While using Post Playmaker, you can boost the percentage of successful receiving of catches for the shooter.

#2 Clamp Breaker

This badge aids in the ability of a player as a ball handler to fight off contact, protect the ball, and drive by opponents.

#3 Unpluckable

This badge will make it hard for the defenders to execute their steal attempts.

#4 Handles for Days

This Playmaking badge reduces the energy lost when performing dribble moves, keeping you fresh for any shot attempts or allowing you to perform even more maneuvers.

#5 Ankle Breaker

Ankle Breaker improves your ability to freeze up a defender when performing dribbling moves, allowing you to shoot an uncontested shot.

#6 Mismatch Expert

Equipping the Mismatch Expert badge will improve your ability to beat taller defenders off the dribble in one-on-one situations.

#7 Dimer

While in the half-court, passes produced by the Dimers to open shooters produce a shot boost.

#8 Killer Combos

This badge helps improve players' ability to chain dribble moves when sizing up their opponent.

#9 Quick First Step

This Playmaking badge lets the ball handlers access quicker and more operational launches once tackling a triple threat.

#10 Needle Threader

Having the Needle Threader badge will increase the likelihood that high-difficulty passes can get through a defense without getting tipped or intercepted.

Having the Best Playmaking Badges will abruptly raise your passing, dribbling, and ball-carrying skills on the court. Thank you for reading through our NBA 2K23 Playmaking Badges Guide, and stick around at to learn more about your favorite game, like where is the cheapest place to buy MT NBA 2K23.

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