Lost Ark: The complete guide to south very collectible farming

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Well, well, well, look at the time. It's time for another collectible lost ark guide. This is another lost art, a collectible post. This time we're talking about south very collectible Lost Ark farming. The collectibles we're talking about are these collectibles in an adventure tone. We're not talking about Mokoko seeds. We're talking about these puppies right here. 


Lost Ark: The complete guide to south very collectible farming





If you want to know the best spot to farm collectibles, it's over in billion ruins in south Vern. It's this area right here underneath the south ruins. There are two name guys right here, and there's a bunch of soldiers with them, the black knights. This is probably the best spot right here: they're close together. There are like 20 black knights. It's elementary to farm. I think it's the best spot, and then also, if you don't want to watch the post, you don't have to. I made maps or maps because this is the only zone where you can farm well. It's down in the description, so like I said, if you don't want to watch this post, don't watch the guide. Just go!



Collectible Farming 101

Look at the map! So for the rest of you guys, if you haven't seen my other guides about collectibles, we will go over collectibles actual, fast collectibles 101. These collectibles can drop from any mob in the zone, so regular mobs, the named mobs, are the ones that have an orange glow around them? Also, they can drop from elite mobs, which are the ones that have a horned icon in your mini-map. You need to know that named mobs, the ones with orange borders, have a higher chance to drop collectibles than any other mob in the zone, including elite mobs. So pretty much you want to kill named mobs, and also, any of these quality collectibles can drop from any mob. Also, so you can get the purple collect, the purple quality ones, the legendary ones, the blue ones you can.


They can draw from any monster and zone. It doesn't matter what monster you kill. All that matters is that you're getting drops, and then, lastly, if you got the money, you can come over here to the market. You can go to the adventurous home and buy all of these collectibles on the market- they're a little expensive right now because the zone just came out. So hey! If you got the money- and you don't want to farm these, then buy them on the market or if you don't get the Lost Ark money and don't want to farm them, then wait till the prices crash. 



Going Over Each Farming Spot

In a month or two or whatever and then buy them, so as we said, we're going to look at the first spot. Is this spot right here? We'll talk about the spawns real fast. If you haven't looked at the map, we got pretty much this area right here. All of the name mobs are pretty much in this area right here, so Albert's castle, these this area right here, south ruins, there's some right here somewhere here, east plaza, there's two right here: north ruins, there's two north downtown is charming. There's a bunch of name mobs all along this street or alleyway, whatever it is, and then bellion ruins have three of these, like the giant golem-like a rook, slash castle.


There's three like around here: they're spread out



Southwest of South Ruins

It's not that great, so we're over here at the first spot, with black knights. So as I was telling you to see, we got a bunch of knights here, here's one of the elites, and then there are some more knights up here. I can pull all these guys and kill this other league. This is why I feel like this is the best spot in this whole area because there are just so many like soldiers that are, along with the two name mobs, most of the other name mobs in the zone. They're just by themselves.


So they'll be like a handful of ads with them, but these two particular guys have a ton of soldiers with them, so you're going to get drops from the soldiers while you're farming, the two name mobs. 



South Ruins

I think this is the best spot, the second spot. If you come into the south ruins, you can come up the road here. There are about three elites or name mobs- I'm sorry that spawns here. There is a pretty decent amount of the mobs that you can farm. The only problem with this spot is they're a bit spread out, so you have to pull them in a group and then alien down.



Northern Bellion Ruins

So I'm over here in the bellion ruins, this top area where I was telling you there are these three golems, there's one right here, one in the middle, another one's part of the south, this spot's. I feel like this- is a third-rate spot; they do have a decent amount of mobs with them. The only problem is once you kill one of the packs, you do have to mount up, so you can move to the next pack. This is still a perfect spot to farm.


You can jump between the packs if you're like a berserker or gunslinger, so it's a decent spot. I would say this is like a third-rate spot. 



Alberto's Castle Northeast

So now we'll look at the second place spot over here in Alberta's castle. There's a spot right here and then a location down here. This spot, I think, is pretty good because we have about three name mobs, there's one that spawns over here, and then there's another two that generate through here, which is nice. They spawn next to each other, next to this giant pillar, pylon thingy, the only thing you need to keep in mind with these name mobs, particularly the scythe ones.

As you can see, they make lots of aoe attacks, which is annoying. So you almost really can't pull them as a group. These two you maybe can, but they are always spam-ranged attacks. So you will have to kill them one at a time, see how much of a pain in the ass. It is to get them in a group. They also can chain stun you, so keep that in mind. I feel this is the second-place spot because if you're fighting these guys and they're too far away, it's a pain in the ass to clump them together. It's easier to kill them one by one.


But again, this is still a perfect spot. The second place, it's a close second place, it's pretty close to the first spot and then coming down here in the southern part of Alberto's castle.



Alberto's Castle Southwest

Again we have three more of the mobs. A decent amount of the soldiers are with them too. Furthermore, as I said earlier, it's a pain in the ass. You can't clump them together too. Sometimes you can't like right here see like I'm talking and now they clump together really well. Their spam range moves most of the time, and they'll see just a standstill. The spamming content moves at you, so it's tough to clump them together, but, as you can see, I'm full of, and now they're being straightforward to clump together. 



North Downtown

So over here at north downtown, this entire street is littered with name-offs. As you will see, this is a perfect spot, the only problem with farming.


As you have just seen in the beginning, these guys do have a dash move that they will do so. If you have a long aoe cast time, sometimes you'll be casting it, and then they'll dash. It isn't enjoyable. Usually, they will spam that spinny move where they're doing spin to win, but every so often, they will make this like dash move where they dash like 10 feet forward, and it isn't delightful but just like he did right there. But this is still a perfect spot because there are a lot of name mobs, all up and down the street, along with a couple of regular mobs that are with them.


So I would say this is probably another second-place spot if they didn't have that dash move. This would be like one of the best spots to farm, but that dashboard screws up your toes often. 



East Plaza and North Ruins

I think that's it, guys. I'm not going to show the east plaza or north ruins. There are two like a statue, guys in north ruins and two in the east plaza. They are far apart, and they do patrol kind of. So that's why it's annoying to farm those guys. You could always plant those guys if the other spots are taken. All your channels are fooled, and yeah, you could fall back to east plaza north ruins, it's kind of like a fallback farming spot, but ideally, you probably want to stick to the other places. I told you about in particular this little section: south of south ruins itself Alberto's castle, those two spots I was telling you and then north downtown. These are like they're all perfect spots, mainly that one I was telling you at the beginning, south of south ruins, I think, that's the best spot, but they're all perfect. The only thing I said in the face. It would help if you remembered that it was with the scythe-wielding black knights or name mobs.


They spam a lot of range moves, so they're kind of annoying to clump together. It's better to kill them one. At a time, and then, if you can't farm in any of those spots, I would say go over to bellion ruins because I feel like the golems are pretty good. They have the clumps of dudes with them, but try out all the spots, see which one you like the best, and decide for yourself. That's it for the guides, guys. Thanks for watching. I hope it helps you get all your collectibles, and I'll see you later. Bye.


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