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Santa had it all planned out: a festive fair to warm the hearts of Gielinor's people after the devastation of the Battle of Lumbridge, complete with decorations, presents and plenty of old friends. What he didn't foresee was San'tar Klaws - a demonic, die-hard loyalist of Zamorak - crashing the party and putting him in a cage! Please contact us if you want to buy runescape accounts.



With Sant'ar causing chaos and Santa in no position to stop him, it's up to you to decide the fate of RuneScape's Christmas. Help Santa by maintaining the fair's full festive glory, or revel in destruction as you aid and abet the demon with his wicked plans.

Build up enough naughty or nice points and you'll unlock some very merry rewards: the traditional Christmas emote; a sparkly tinsel scarf; a festive jumper fresh off Granny's knitting needles; and an infernally cute San'tar spawnling pet who's really not feeling the holiday spirit.

There's plenty of fun to be had at the fair, and two ways to do everything. Participating in each activity will earn you either nice points or naughty points, depending on how you behave.There's a pen-full of Santa's reindeer on the south-east side of the crater, but San'tar Klaws's malign influence has left some of them.

Right-click the reindeer to interact with them. You can convert them from friendly to evil - or vice versa - earning yourself nice or naughty points accordingly. We have the cheapest runescape accounts and when you want to buy, just come to our site.

You can earn further points by stroking reindeer of your favoured temperament, or feeding them carrots from the buckets around the area. We also prepared a lot of rs gold, if you also need them, just purchase some for your charactors.

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